Welcome to the madness!

If you were to ask me a week ago if I could ever start blogging, I probably would have rolled my eyes and laughed. After a couple days I thought “is my life that interesting?” Well, here I am, throwing my comfort out the window. I guess I have always lived my life nurturing and caring for others, so if this blog can cause some laughs, start a conversation, or provide some late night comfort while you enjoy your two minutes of quiet, well that makes it worth it in my book.

A little background- I am twenty-five years young ( although, that feels ancient at the same time). I grew up as an older-middle child with a blended family, since  my parents divorced when I was four and both remarried. I have worked full time in healthcare for many years. ( nurturing and caring, again) I have a wonderful, soon to be, three year old son, Bennett. My fiancé, Kevin, and I are recently engaged, after celebrating the best year together. He brings in his sweet and hilarious son, Stanley. Who is growing way too fast and will be five in a couple months! I am currently at a point in my life where I am learning the ropes of being a boy mom, stepmom, and future wife. All while my honey and I work full time. Who is with me?!

I’m hoping that this blog will bring in some comical insight, show you that you are not alone in the struggle, and provide some how-to tips on trying to keep your life “mommy maintained!”



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