0748dfbe-b606-43e6-8d9e-d852326ffe63.jpegIs your holiday going to be spent in cooking chaos? Children running around with sweet potato mix and marshmallows on a spoon? Will dinner be at home surrounded by extended family or a drive down the street at a local restaurant? Whatever you decide, just remember to take time out of your crazy schedule to think about what and who you are thankful for.

I always spend Thanksgiving at my mom’s house. Tradition starts early in the morning with coffee, newspaper comics, and Black Friday deals. Then the afternoon is spent in the kitchen with the stove, oven, microwave, and so many people going. It’s busy, but I love it.

Kevin, my fiancé, spent last year working and he will be on the road again this year. He works for our local sheriff’s department and hopefully he will be able to stop by and fill up on some turkey. I remember last year, fresh into our relationship, Kevin woke up early and ran to get a Thanksgiving paper for me, left it on the table with a note. I knew then that he was the man I was going to marry. He was so selfless that day and today I am still so thankful for him! Sometimes, it’s the smallest things..

We won’t have either boys with us tomorrow. They are staying with their other parent this holiday. But, it works out because we get to go on a camping trip for the extended weekend as a family! One thing I have learned about being a part of a blended family with involved parents, is that communication and compromise is your best friend. We make it work, because our boys deserve a happy and supportive life. Stay tuned for our camping adventures in Brown County, Indiana! Also, enjoy this yummy recipe I found on Pinterest!



4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. What a happy wonderful story! More exactly, it’s looking at the silver lining through what could be difficult and stressing times. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have fun with that camping trip! We love camping 🙂

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