Brown County Camping

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Hey guys! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Our family decided to spend the holiday camping in Brown County State Park in Indiana! It is a beautiful time of year! I enjoy the leaves changing colors and the cool, crisp mornings. There is also plenty of wildlife and fun activities for the family. I would definitely recommend making a trip here! BrownCountyPark

We started out the weekend getting our campsite ready. We decided to stay in a tent with our sleeping bags and blankets in tow! We added a heater, for a little comfort and some glow sticks for the boys to play with at bedtime. Some family friends joined us with their campers, but you have to get the full camping experience at least once, plus we had a couple first timers! Thankfully this weekend was sunny and dry! We spent most of our time around the campfire enjoying everyone’s company, playing games, and drinking one too many cups of coffee.

We spent Saturday afternoon in Nashville, Indiana One of the cutest little towns you’ll ever find. It is one of my favorite places to shop! The entire town was already decorated with Christmas lights which made the trip even more enjoyable. There are tons of little boutiques, toy stores, and yummy places to eat. We stopped and grabbed a bbq pulled pork sandwich from a little shop on the corner. The boys got to visit with Santa, drink some hot cider and explore a neat little place where you can mine for gems! We ended our trip on Sunday at the park lodge, playing in the heated pool. I think this was the boy’s favorite part! Through out the park are several camping sites, cabins, and the lodge. I’m definitely going to come back!

As you know, starting a new family is extremely exciting! A little over a year in and I’m so glad I am able to share my family’s tradition of camping every year with a Kevin and Stan. What I look forward to most is starting new traditions together. Speaking of that, stay tuned to a future post about our Elf on the Shelf adventures! He is coming to meet the boys for the first time this week! I can’t wait! What are some Christmas traditions your family shares?




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