Elf on the shelf


Ive been excited for the arrival of this little fella for quite some time. He was given as a gift for my son last Christmas. Bennett is now almost 3 and my soon to be stepson is almost 5! Perfect ages for the elf to show up I thought! The boys decided to name him “Robot Magee” after some careful consideration. I was secretly praying for them to stay away from “ Mr. Mcfart”,  “Stinkle”, and similar names. I don’t think I could have written them down in the book. Boys will be boys.

We decided to introduce him to the family after Thanksgiving. He brought an elf on the shelf candy cane for each kiddo, his book, and a little note. I think notes to the boys will make it seem a little more magical. Also, I get to practice my 1st grade handwriting skills.
We read to the boys every night before bed, so we got to sit down and read the book that Robot Magee brought. It is such a cute book! If you are thinking about brining the elf into your family traditions, I recommend getting the entire package rather than just the elf by himself.

Our elf has visited a couple nights so far, he has shared many secrets with Santa about my two rascals at home. This year they wished for a fast racing car and a power ranger megazord. Our oldest has been on his best behavior( YAY), although it takes a gentle reminder that our elf friend is watching sometimes. Our youngest, Bennett, doesn’t really care at this point. Which is a little bit of a bummer, but maybe he will warm up as we get further into December.

I have seen so many funny, creative ideas on how to hide and decorate our elf. What are some of your favorites? I can’t wait to show you our family elf adventures through-out this month!

Stay warm,




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