Birthday boy!

Did I mention I now have a three year old!?

I feel like he has grown up so quickly and tomorrow he will be heading to college! What are some tips and tricks for handling the ” terrible threes”? I may or may not have had a melt down about having a threenager.

I’ve learned a lot in these few years. But I’ve also struggled through being a new mom and feeling like I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve pumped milk at 3 am and woke up to soaked sheets because I fell asleep. I’ve shared my bed with my sweet baby. I’ve called the Dr on call at wee hours when I couldn’t get him to stop crying. I’ve let him eat dropped snacks from the floor. I’ve sat in his room and watched him sleep. I’ve done a happy dance in the kitchen when he eats his dinner. We have all been there.

His existence has brought me such happiness. He has shown me true love. I’ve learned to appreciate my snuggles and kisses while I can get them. Three years later and now I feel like an expert- super mom. I can calm any baby, I can get a toddler diapered and dressed with my eyes closed, I know every theme song off nickjr.

I looking forward to this next year, exploring the world with my little man.



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