All work and no play

I started this blog with the intent to post often as an outlet for my crazy mom life and to bring insight to others who may need some help pulling their life together as well. I obviously haven’t written in a hot minute and I wanted to check in.

So, I work full time for one of the top neurosurgeons in the world, he is a genius, but extremely busy. He and our patients have my full attention a large majority of the week. I’ve also recently started back in school, at Kaplan University. I am going to get my license as an independent insurance agent. Which requires a large amount of self study and two licensing exams. I’m currently trying to find time to squeeze that all in. This decision brings the hope for a more flexible schedule being home and working my “tush” off can pay off differently than it does here in clinic. I love to help others, especially through healthcare, so I’m glad I’ll be able to make a transition to a new career with the same outcome, helping others.

Recently, I celebrated my 26th birthday, our 5 year old came down with a 24 hour stomach flu, my 3 year old has been going through some serious meltdowns, and I reorganized and deep cleaned my kitchen and bathroom! Go momma! I can’t tell you how great it feels to walk into the house to clear counters and a clean tub and toilet ( especially with 3 boys in the house. )

I also decided to break out a few Christmas gifts. One was an indoor herb garden from MiracleGro. It uses LED sun lights, nutrition water system and these easy to “plant” pods. I’ve had it going for a little over a week and everything has sprouted. I can’t wait to use my herbs in my recipes!

Speaking of recipes.. this gal got an instant pot! I’m a little afraid to use it. It seems intimidating and I think I’ll try it out this weekend. I’ve found a couple cold-weather soups that can melt away all of this ice and cold here in Indiana!

Stay warm,



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